Tailgating Gear Review: GrillFloss

Do you take better care of your grill than you do your own teeth? (Some of you may have answered yes to that question and if that is the case, your dentist would like to have a word with you.) I meant to ask, do you brush your grill every time you are about place food on it? More than likely you answered yes to that question. But are you really getting all the gunk and grime from the last tailgate off your grill grate rods or just moving it around with that rusty old grill brush? I recently discovered a product called GrillFloss that allows you to scrape the top, sides and bottom of your grill grate.

I tested out grill floss this weekend and see for yourself.


As you can see in the video, GrillFloss is rather simple and easy to use. Just push the Grill Floss onto the grill grate rod, push it up once to get the top and left side and then turn to scrape the bottom and right side. Will it take a little longer to get your grill grate clean because you are scrapping each individual grill rod? Sure it will, but by using GrillFloss you are assured there will be no residual, unhealthy charred debris transferring to your food. By using GrillFloss while your grill is hot, you can guarantee you will make perfect sear marks on whatever meats you are cooking while tailgating.


The removable dual sized cleaning head allows you to clean smaller or larger grill grate rods gauges. Coming in 5/16″ and 3/8″ sizes you can use it on just about any grill on the market. All you need is a Phillips head screwdriver to adjust for different gauge grill rods. The dual sized cleaning head attaches to a 22″ long, stainless steel handle that is long enough to keep your hands safe from the hot grilling surface.

Grill Floss sells for $19.97 but if you buy two and give the other to a friend, you save $10. A replacement cleaning head will run you about $4. You can get your own Grill Floss by visiting their official website, GrillFloss.com.