Grill Daddy Pro

Grill Daddy Pro Grill Brush
Nobody likes a dirty, greasy, grimy grill grate. Some may claim that the left over residue clinging to your grill grate from past tailgate parties adds flavor to the food you are about to cook. We can debate that claim all day long but what if you don’t want those flavors from tailgates of the past to permeate what you are going to cook today? Why not start with a clean grill and let the natural flavors of what you are grilling come out in the food?

We recently discovered the Grill Daddy Pro. Simply stated, it is a grill brush that is specifically designed to clean charcoal or gas grills quickly, easily and thoroughly. The ability to clean and sterilize your grill grate is produced by steam that comes directly from the Grill Daddy Pro.

(Disclaimer: We did receive a sample of the Grill Daddy Pro for free. The fact this sample was provided to us free of charge in no way influenced our opinion of the product nor did it impact our ability to test and review the product fairly and objectively.)

We were sent a sample of the Grill Daddy Pro to test out and review objectively in a real tailgating environment. We chose to test the Grill Daddy Pro while tailgating prior to the San Diego Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl on our Tailgating Ideas custom grill grate. Take a look at the pictures below and you decide if the Grill Daddy Pro does what it claims.

Grill Grate Before cleaningGrill Grate After cleaning

As you can see in the “Before” photo, the Tailgating Ideas logo in the middle of our grill grate was fully encrusted with grease and grime from previous tailgate parties. The caked on residue was left over from tailgating probably about five weeks prior to the bowl game. As you can see in the “After” photo, the grill grate came out very clean. Here are the instructions on how to use the Grill Daddy Pro.

1. Make sure the on/off water valve is in the off position.
2. Unscrew the water fill cap and fill the Grill Daddy Pro with water and replace the screw cap and tighten until snug.
3. In a left to right motion, run the Scraper Brush across the grill grates to break up the really tough areas of baked on food residue. While brushing, turn the on/off valve to on and the water will release in the upside down position. The release of water can be regulated by turning the on/off valve partially on.
4. To finish cleaning the grill, grip the Upright Handle in one hand and the Leverage Knob in the other hand. This will give you maximum leverage to brush away the residue without getting your hands too close to the heat. Use the Main Brush and brush the grill in the direction of the grill grates, releasing the water as you brush. Brush until the grill is sparkling clean and free of dirt.
5. Turn the on/off valve to off when finished.

We got our grill up to about 600 degrees before using the scraper brush part to break up the really large pieces of stuck on residue. After breaking up those areas we then closed the lid to allow the heat to come back up. By bringing up the heat back to over 500 degrees, this would maximize the water coming out of the grill brush and thus make more steam.

We found the Grill Daddy Pro simple to use and highly effective. Controlling the amount of water and steam took some getting used to the first time we used it. As with any new product, the second or third time you use it, you find that “sweet spot” setting that gives you just the right amount of steam desired.

The photos will show that the Grill Daddy Pro did a phenomenal job in cleaning a grill grate that was literally, covered in caked on gunk and residue from previous cooks. The long handle and the leverage knob were perfect for getting off all the dirt and grime without having to press too hard or work too much. The steam literally melted away and lifted off the grime and removed all the gunk that a normal, non-steaming brush simply would not be able to get off.

The only negative we could find about the Grill Daddy Pro was the size. The extra long handle was great for when we were actually cleaning the grill but because of the unique shape and the sheer size of it, it might be a bit big and cumbersome to bring tailgating. For the backyard griller, we could find zero flaws with this product. Not a single one. It works flawlessly and we were very pleased with how clean our grill turned out.

It may be a bit too late to give this item as a Christmas gift but Father’s Day is just a few months away already. This would make a great Father’s Day gift for any dad who is the king of the grill either at home or outside the stadium. The brushes on the Grill Daddy Pro are removable and are dishwasher safe. With that added feature you just remove them and wash them for full confidence they will be sparkling clean for your next grilling venture.

The Grill Daddy Pro is available through Amazon. Normally priced at $24.99, the Grill Daddy Pro is currently priced at $19.98.