Keg-A-Que Football Grill – Are You Ready for Some Football Grill

Keg-a-Que Propane Football Grill As you are obviously seeing, I am not one to turn down an opportunity to receive a free tailgating product to review.  Again, such is the hard life of a tailgating blog writer.

The latest product that I had a chance to sample (and now review and introduce to you) was the Keg-a-Que Propane Football Grill.  In the end the product performed very similar to the play of the Philadelphia Eagles QBs from this past weekend.  The start wasn’t too great, but the end was certainly a lot better.

During football tailgates we usually pack up the “full-size” grill from the back yard.  The larger grill allows for more food to be cooked in a shorter amount of time.  But given the opportunity to sample and review the Keg-a-Que Propane Football Grill we decided to go portable for Sunday’s tailgate.

Prior to jumping ahead to the actual tailgate and use of the grill I wanted to first provide some feedback on the assembly of the Football Grill.

Yes, I realize that putting together a grill isn’t rocket science and should be pretty self explanatory and easy to assemble.  Despite this fact I was disappointed with the lack of assembly instructions provided with the grill.  The written instructions were sparse and the various parts and screws were not numbered or labeled (I was even missing two washers for connection of the handles).  Even more frustrating was the fact that the “straight” grill handles were being screwed into the curved areas of the grill. The end result was handles that did not have fully inserted screws.  Regardless, everything was securely put together within 30 minutes.

The next step in the process was attaching the portable propane tank.  Not wanting to screw myself the day of the game (while in the parking lot) I did some testing from the house.  What I found out was that despite securely attaching the propane tank to the grill it didn’t always ignite.  To get the grill lite it required a “perfect” attachment of the propane tank to the grill.  After two consecutive, successful starts of the grill I was confident that there would be no issues come Sunday (I had mastered the required “perfect attachment).

Well so much for being a master of the attaching!

When we went to go start the grill on Sunday, in the parking lot, we couldn’t get the grill to start.  Thankfully Pops and I are persistent (plus we had shrimp and steak that needed to be cooked) and after about 5 minutes and several attempts at attaching the propane tank we were finally able to get the grill going and the food cooking.

On to the good news… once the grill was started, I was very impressed.  In a few minutes the grill was hot and the food was cooking.  Adjusting the level of the flames was easy and worked without issue.  The grill grate was large enough to cook both the steak and shrimp together.  The flame and heat were evenly distributed over the grate, resulting in perfectly cooked / grilled food.

After enjoying the grub, the grill continued with positive marks for clean-up.  The various pieces of the grill were easy to remove, clean, and then reassemble for packing back into the car.  If only the end result of that day’s Eagles’ game had a similar, positive ending!

As you can see the Keg-a-Que Propane Football Grill had some ups and some downs.  But with the low cost of the product (regularly $69.99 but on sale right now for $59.49) that is to be expected.  And maybe there was some human error in the attachment of the propane tank or maybe this particular grill was a one-off.  Regardless, if you are looking for an inexpensive, portable grill for the occasional tailgate I would still recommend going with the Football Grill.

The most important thing with any grill is the quality of the food that it produces and the steak and shrimp on Sunday were pretty damn tasty.  The football design of the grill was also an attention grabber in the parking lot (probably even more so when I bring it back to the Phillies game this Friday)!