Gameday Rugs – It’s Like A Flag for Your Floor

GameDay Rugs, a company founded earlier this year by Engineered Conversion Systems, delivers high-quality sports-licensed rugs and mats with college logos.  The company, a division of Engineered Conversion Systems (ECS), is experienced and successful in product development for the carpet and rug industry.  So their entry into the floor mat, rug, and door mat space is a logical extension of business that they know well.

When I received the rug though, I just didn’t think the product would be a logical extension into the tailgating space.  Boy was I wrong.

First Impression

When I rolled out the Game Day Rug, I noticed the quality and liked the look.  The high-caliber construction delivers sharp colors, firm tufts and perfect logos.  Each of these features connects tightly to a solid plastic backing that keeps the rug from slip-sliding away at your tailgate or in your home.

They shipped me this version to test at our tailgate.

It looked to me, like a great doormat, but I didn’t hold out much hope for success at our tailgate and I felt a little bad about taking it to the tailgate.  The look is luxurious enough to be used indoors and is clearly durable enough to be placed outside; I just didn’t want to damage such an attractive product.

Moreover, I thought “A rug at a tailgate?”

However, when I placed the welcome mat down people noticed the rug.  They liked the rug.  They wanted to know where to get their own rug.  In general people like the addition and to me it symbolically served as a welcome mat to all the tailgaters that joined us that day.

This product would be even more effective and noticeable in a parking lot environment as shown here.

One of our visitors last weekend noted, “It’s Like a Flag for Your Floor”.

With the official school logo and superior construction the team at Game Day Rugs has a great new way for avid tailgaters to display their school pride.

Tailgating with a Rug?  Who knew.  It’s now a welcome addition to our tailgating paraphernalia.

Game Day Rugs is offering free shipping on their products until October 31.  Take advantage of the promotion by clicking here or to find out more about the company and their array of additional products click here.

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