Rutgers Tailgating Grill

Since customizing the first Margaritaville Tailgating Grill to San Diego Chargers colors less than a year ago, (that grill is for sale if you are interested) we have done a number of others since. Between NFL and NCAA teams, we even did a killer New York Yankess Tailgating Grill, we have probably customized about 10 of these grills. Add to that list this recently completed Rutgers Scarlet Knights Tailgating Grill. Click the images to take a closer look:

Finding the center logo “R” was rather tough and required a little more intensive internet searching and involved a few phone calls too. Apparently the manufacturer of the normal oval logo emblems we have used in the past does not consider Rutgers to be a big enough school to mass produce them. So with some creativity we found the chrome version and it played well with the black background.

Keep your eyes open in the next couple of days because we will be sharing more photos of another grill we have been working on and customizing. Here’s a hint: Those purple loving people that live in the “Little Apple” are going to love it.

If you are in the market for a new grill before football season starts and would like to know if we can customize one for you, visit our tailgating gear store and check out the other custom tailgating grills we have done in the past.