That Beer Will Cost You

OLD BEERImage by defekto via Flickr

You may think you only need a six pack this weekend.  But your wallet will thank you later for super-sizing that order to a case or two.

Talk about kicking us when we are down.  Jobs are scarce.  Investments and real estate are down.  And of course gasoline prices are going back up.

Sounds like a good time to grab a cold one and drink those economic sorrows away.  Well drink up now because our government is discussing the possibility of a increasing the beer tax to provide health care insurance for the uninsured.” Under the proposal lawmakers are considering, beer taxes would be increased by 48 cents a six-pack, from the current 33 cents.”

Oh yeah, there are proposals to increase the taxes on hard liquor and wine as well!  All those years of building up your drinking tolerance are now wasted.

Where is the Miller Lite Commish or the Man Laws when we need them most?!?

Oh well, time for a a beer anyway!