AnySharp Knife Sharpener

AnySharp Knife Sharpener No likes a dull knife. After all, the reason why you broke out a knife in the first place is you want to cut something. Dull knives mangle food, tear meat and can really frustrate you. This feeling is especially compounded if you are out tailgating and are stuck with a dull knife without a way to sharpen it. I recently discovered the AnySharp Knife Sharpener and it now has a permanent place in my tailgating kit.

As you can see by the accompanying image, the AnySharp is a knife sharpener that uses a suction bottom to hold it firmly on any smooth surface. The “V” area is where you draw the blade of your knife through it four or five times and you then have a very sharp knife. It’s pretty simple.

The aspects I liked the most about the AnySharp was three things. 1) The AnySharp was compact and fit easily in my tailgating gear box. Anytime a tailgating product is small and compact and doesn’t make me try to figure out what gear I need to take out is always a good thing. 2) The suction bottom of the AnySharp allowed me to stick it to any smooth surface. The glass rear window of my tailgating SUV served as a nice location for the AnySharp seeing how it works vertically as well. 3) The AnySharp actually worked well and after only four passes through the sharpening “V”, my dull tailgating carving knife was like I had just taken it out of the box. Check out this demo video of how to use the AnySharp.


As I mentioned before, the AnySharp has now taken up permanent residence in my tailgating kit to ensure I will always have a sharp knife while out in the tailgate lot. (In the interest of full disclosure, this product sample was sent to me free of charge.) Even though the AnySharp was sent to me for free, I would have probably bought one of my own. Before the football season started I had a few items that I wanted to replace in my tailgating gear. My BBQ tools set was one of them mainly because my carving knife had become dull. The main carving knife had become so dull that I was resorting to use the smaller steak knives to cut up carne asada or tri tip steaks. That’s weak sauce in my book and I expect better than to have to resort to that.

Now that I have an AnySharp, I don’t have to get a new BBQ tools kit just because the big knife in there has become dull. I mentioned early how small and compact the AnySharp is and how it fits easily into my gear box. Take a look at the comparison diagram below to see how much space you will save if you add an AnySharp to your tailgating kit.

AnySharp size comparison chart

Depending on the style and model you need for tailgating, the AnySharp ranges in price from $13.99 to $34.95.  For a list of retailers, visit the AnySharp Where To Buy page, select your country and then locate a retailer. While you are there, they also have a recipes section called the Recipe Club. AnySharp is also on the social media front with a presence on Facebook, Twitter and have their own YouTube channel.

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