Weekend Wrap #35: Full Disclosure Edition

news_wrap.jpgI’ll be honest with you. When I first started this blog back in August 2007, I did it because I truly wanted to share my tailgating ideas and tailgating experiences with those that might not embrace the tailgating lifestyle as much as I do. I never knew it would put me in a position that businesses and companies would seek me out and ask me to write about their game or tailgating product. Don’t get me wrong, getting free samples is a perk of starting this website but that was never the original intent. But I do have a suggestion for those people who want me to review and write about a product. Full disclosure is appreciated.

It never fails. Someone will email me “pretending” to have discovered this cool new piece of tailgating gear that I just have to check out. The problem is that these people will describe the product as if they cut and pasted a press release directly from the company’s annual report. They know too much about the product and basically sell me on how great it is in their email. The double whammy is that they will use their company email that is a dead giveaway they have a vested interest in the promotion and success of the product in which they are suggesting. I am not a dumb guy folks. The Internet is a wonderful thing and with a few Google searches and a three minute time investment it is easy for me to figure out if you are truly a tailgater or a guy pretending to be one that is really a company marketing guy.

My suggestion, be up front with me and tell me you work for the company from the get go. Also, do a quick search and see if I have already written about your product. Offer to send me a sample to test out and review and see if it is worthwhile. If I think tailgaters can use it and it would make a great addition to their tailgating kits, I’ll suggest it. If it sucks, is crap and is a waste of money, be prepared for that to be disclosed as well. Take heed of our motto, Don’t Just Tailgate, Tailgate Better. I try to adhere to that all the time and esspecially when I make product suggestions.

Alright, I’ll put away my soap box and give you a bunch of links.

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