A Collection Of The Dennis Hopper “Crazy Ref” Commercials

The 2009 NFL season is ready to kick off when the Tennessee Titans take on the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday. To a die-hard football fan, preseason games can “get the job done” much like a National Geographic can do the same for a 12 year-old overly hormonal boy. But let’s face it, it’s just not the same as regular season when the games count. Seems like the commercials lately have drifted into the pre-season realm while the commercials from the past have that staying power and entertainment value.

Last year I put together a compilation of videos of those Leon Budweiser Commercials. This year I give you the Dennis Hopper Nike Football commercials. You remember them as Dennis Hopper plays Stanley Craver, an NFL referee that has gone off the deep end. These commercials aired in the mid-90’s and are unmistakably classic.

Bruce Smith – Bad Things Man

Sterling Sharpe is like a freight train with stickum

Hardy Nickerson a.k.a. El Dragon

Troy Aikman is like a man, man

Junior Seau’s Footprint Man

Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin have ESP

Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

Super Bowl Commercial 1995

I searched the entire internet for my favorite Dennis Hopper crazy referee commercial about Barry Sanders. Of course it had to be my favorite and the one I could not find. If anyone can find it online, comment below with a link and I will make sure to include it.

Edited February 17, 2010 – I found two more that were not on YouTube back in September when this post was originally published. Luckily the Barry Sanders commercial was in this discovery along with a Michael Irvin commercial. Still haven’t found the Rod Woodson “Heartbeat” clip yet. If you find it please email me the link.

Michael Irvin Doesn’t Hear The Footsteps

Barry Sanders makes your eyes go crazy

Tailgate Wiki banner

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6 thoughts to “A Collection Of The Dennis Hopper “Crazy Ref” Commercials”

  1. For my money, these are the greatest sports-related commercials ever made. Hands down. Thanks for this trip down memory lane.

    Also, I’ll give finding that Barry Sanders one a shot. I want to see it again now, tool. Wasn’t there a Rod Woodson one? Or am I totally imagining that?

  2. I used to have the Rod Woodson commercial on casette tape somewhere.

    “This is Bruce Smith’s shoe, man. Wait a minute, this is Rod Woodson’s shoe. I have a visions of Rod Woodson, I see him lurking like a shadow. I hear his heartbeat… ba-boomp, ba-boomp, ba-boomp…
    (turns around) Rod?”

  3. Absolutely the best assemblage of sports commercials. Nike had a great run then. I hope your quest to find the Barry Sanders and Rod Woodson clips is successful.

  4. love these classic clips man. its like i see them in my sleep. for real,i hope you can find the rod woodson commercial. it would be a perfect end to these clips

  5. Can’t seem to find it on the web but I actually came up with the Rod one…

    Sort of.

    Chris Dishman was on TV’s ESPN Talk2 with Jim Rome and I called in and asked him (Dishman) if he ever saw the commercial with Dennis Hopper sniffing Bruce Smith’s shoe.

    Then I asked him if he ever sniffed Rod’s shoes when they were both at Purdue.

    Dishman started to reply, then stuttered, and asked “Wha What’d he say?”

    He composed himself eventually and said that he and Rod are good friends and that Rod’s feet stink to bad…

    Funny… Phil Knight must not have got my address cause my cut/check never came :(

    … Rod…?


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