Weekend Wrap-Up #104: Great Strides Edition

On Saturday I did a little “tailgating” despite not attending a sporting event or concert. I call it tailgating because I dragged out a lot of my tailgating gear, pop-up canopy, chairs, folding table, cooler, etc., and brought it all down to the beach. But it wasn’t just a regular family trip to the beach. This “tailgating” trip had a lot more riding on it and was more a matter of life and death.

The reason we went down to the beach was for the Great Strides 5K walk in Huntington Beach. We have family friends that have a daughter, Taylor Saige Ross, who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis (CF). Great Strides is a way for the entire CF community to celebrate another year with Taylor and the other CF suffers. It also raises money to fund research to find a cure. We were a member of Taylor’s walking team called “T’s Time Fighters”. They chose that name because CF is currently incurable and it is a race against time to find one. Since CF is a genetic disorder, many CF patients are kids and the life expectancy for those with CF is less than 40 years old. Taylor is only nine years old but if a cure is not found soon, she will be in danger of succumbing to this fatal disease.

I know this deviates from the message normally found in this spot but I would encourage everyone to please donate to help find a cure for CF. You may do so by donating to my walker page. Even though the walk was this weekend donations are still being accepted. Every little bit counts and we understand that right now it is tough economically on everyone. That may be true but think how tough it is on a little girl, nine years old, who has to do four hours of breathing treatments and take multiple medications daily. So even it is only $5, that money might pay for the microscope slide that discovers a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Thanks and if what I have written doesn’t motivate you to help find a cure, take a look at this video Taylor put together. Links follow the video…


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