It’s Noon Somewhere

It’s the ultimate excuse if you wanna drink NOW…”it’s gotta be noon somewhere.”  And come this Thursday and Friday noon is tip-off of March Madness.

If you haven’t done so already it’s time to request a day or two off  from work or start laying the groundwork for calling out sick.  Just make sure you have a few buddies who are following the same plan (only George Thorogood can pull off drinking alone).

March Madness (the NCAA Tournament)…the ultimate indoor tailgating event.  Because of office pools everyone has an interest and everyone is doing it.  Drinking, betting, lunch and dinner spreads.  Set-up at the house or at the local bar and don’t move for 4 whole days.  Break-out those old college colors and clothing (yeah you’ve put on a few pounds since your college days).

And if you need more than the office pools, drinking, and food to enjoy the Tournament here is a drinking game my friends followed last year to help liven up the party.  Well as long as you allow yourself to put down your bracket for a drink…

Take 1 Drink When:

  • A team you picked loses
  • A #1 or #2 seed doesn’t cover the spread in the first two rounds
  • An announcer mentions the fact that a #12 seed has beaten a #5 seed in each of the last 5 years (Drink to numb the repetition).
  • You lose more than $5 on any given game
  • A team you picked loses at the buzzer or in overtime
  • You realize that you have no chance of winning your pool and it’s only the second round

Give 1 Drink When:

  • You pick an underdog that wins.
  • Any of your Final Four teams make it
  • You win more than $5 on any game
  • You totally outpick your smartass friend who watched games all year and spent 30 hours on doing research for his bracket only to out-think every game. 

Memo to self, take Friday off!