Video: Jonny G Beer Pong

With little to go on in the way of explanation or description from YouTube, this looks to be a bastardized game of beer pong combined with Flip Cup. I’ve watched it a few times while focusing on the girl team on the far end (because they won) and I still can not figure out the rules or the goal of the game. Maybe you can? If you do, please post your interpretation of the rules in a comment below.

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2 thoughts to “Video: Jonny G Beer Pong”

  1. I played a version of this game this past weekend called “flip-flop”. Except our game had two teams of two, each team member on the opposing long corner from each other. We had 4 cups in the shape of a diamond in front of each of us and a ping pong ball. To play you toss the ball and try to make it in your partners cup. If you do make it in the cup your partner then has to drink said cup, flip it (like in flip cup), and then toss the ball back to your cup. It goes on like this until all the cups are gone from your team. It was actually a pretty fun game. A nice change from the same ol beer pong or flip cup.

  2. DJ – Thanks for leaving your comment on the rules of this game. this is the reason why i love the internet and tailgating so much. Ask and you receive your answer in less than 24 hours. I would encourage everyoe to go out and try this new game of “Flip-Flop”.

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