Video: Burned Up Porsche Meets Giants Tailgaters

I am not 100% sure what is going on here but it seems as though someone parked their sports car too close to a charcoal BBQ while tailgating. Here is the complete description from YouTube and maybe you can figure it out. Make sure to stay with it to the part where the angry kid starts dropping body slams on the hood and top of the car.

Some tailgating tips…when tailgating – arrive early..try and park in a spot where there are not hot charcoals on the ground. If you do happen to burn your $150,000 Porsche and 2 other cars – go straight home – don’t claim it. Mark my words, no one will steal it, but they will attack you with that bat! This young man has some serious issues. A little counseling and a lot of Ritalin will do this kid some good. Could you imagine if it had a Pennsylvania license plate (Philadelphia is in Pa for those just entering college).