TrackPack Backpack Cooler Holds 20 Cans & Keeps Them Cold

bag-women.jpg Tailgating is not always pulling into the parking lot, unloading your gear and staying put for three hours. A lot of tailgaters choose to park away from the stadium and walk into the tailgating area to meet friends that already have the party started. As a seasoned and respectful tailgater you don’t want to show up empty handed do you? (We told you about the perils of being the Tailgating Moocher.) Now there is a way to be mobile, bring in 20 ice cold beverages and still have your hands free to carry other tailgating items.

I recently was introduced to the TrackPack. It’s a innovative hybrid cooler, can be carried on your shoulders and enables easy transportation and dispensing of cold beverages for enhanced freedom and mobility. At first glance, the Trackpack looks like a large book bag but is specifically designed to carry and keep cold 20 beverage cans. (Speaking of book bags, I would have loved to have had one of these back in college.)

Inside the TrackPack is a plastic frame that holds the cans in place and channels them down to two bottom openings for easy dispensing. No more having to open and close the top of the cooler. Simply undo the velcro flap at the bottom and a cold beer is there waiting for you. Remove the can and gravity moves the next can to take its place.

The TrackPack is built with durable 420D nylon and heavy duty canvas. It comes equipped with an insulated waterproof lining designed to keep drinks cold but the tailgater’s back dry. Three reusable gel-packs maintain ice cold temperatures up to six hours. Hint: Make sure you start with beverages that are cold to begin with and the gel packs are completely frozen.

Want to use the TrackPack as a soft-sided backpack cooler without the beverage rack? No problem. Simply remove the internal dispensing rack, put in the waterproof plastic liner, fill with ice and you have yourself a cooler with backpack straps. (Eat your heart out Dora the Explorer.) With the beverage rack in or out, once you find your tailgate party, the TrackPack stands upright and provides top down or side access to your drinks.

Tailgating is not just reserved for college or pro football or baseball. Tailgating is gaining popularity prior to NASCAR and NHRA races and even inside the infield of horse races. The TrackPack would be the perfect compliment to tailgating at those places because of its portability. Trying to lug in a plastic cooler is a hassle and those styrofoam coolers are too flimsy and will break easily in transit. And speaking of packing in your drinks, many race tracks will allow you to bring in your own drinks but your cooler needs to meet certain size requirements. At 14 inches high and 14 inches wide, the TrackPack is designed to comply with the size restrictions of most public venues and arenas. The Track Pack is currently permitted inside most major NASCAR and Indy Racing events including Atlanta Motor Speedway, Bristol Motor Speedway, Dover Motor Speedway, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Infineon Raceway, Lowes Motor Speedway, New Hampshire International Speedway and Texas Motor Speedway.

The TrackPack is available in three colors, Red, Blue and Gray. You can buy your own TrackPack for less than $40 directly from our online tailgating shop,  Flat rate shipping costs $12 and that is to the continuous 48 states. Buy your own TrackPack Backpack Cooler from