The Top 10 College Tailgates for 2010 recently posted their Top 10 Collegiate Tailgates in 2010.

As you get ready to kick your tailgating into high gear, hopefully you be attending one of more of the tailgates listed below.  Georgia starts and finishes the list. 

In reverse order:

10. Georgia at Auburn, November 13th

9.  Michigan at Penn State, October 30th

8.  Alabama at Tennessee, October 23rd

7.  USC at UCLA, December 4th

6.  Texas Tech @ Texas A&M, October 30th

5.  UCLA @ Washington, November 18th

4.  Mississippi State @ Ole Miss, November 27th

3.  Alabama @ LSU, November 6th

2.  Oklahoma vs. Texas – Dallas, October 2nd

1.  Georgia vs. Florida, October 30th

For more details on why they think these are the best, check out the list here.