The Drinking Jacket

If you enjoy a beer, wine or a cocktail, you probably are familiar with Zane Lamprey. If you aren’t familiar with Zane Lamprey, (shame on you if the previous statement pertains to you) he is best known for hosting a number of TV shows including Three Sheets, an international travelogue/pub crawl TV series, Have Fork, Will Travel, an international travel show exploring native cuisine and culture and most recently, Drinking Made Easy, another pub-crawl television series. So why are we, a blog about tailgating which occurs primarily outdoors, writing about a guy who is well-known for his exploits that took place mostly indoors in bars and restaurants?

The answer is simple. Zane Lamprey invented The Drinking Jacket. A tailgater’s dream come true; The Drinking Jacket keeps you warm while keeping your beer cold.

Drinking Jacket Features

The Drinking Jacket is a zipper hoodie sweatshirt that will definitely find at a home at your next tailgate. The Drinking Jacket is the ultimate accessory for anyone who consumes liquids. This high-quality hoodie will help you open, transport and consume the beverage of your choice. In the video, Zane demonstrates The Drinking Jacket in action.

Naturally when we saw The Drinking Jacket, we had to try it out. Because we normally tailgate San Diego Chargers games and it doesn’t get very cold in San Diego, we decided this is one product we needed to hit the road in order to properly test out. Hence, we took it to Columbus, Ohio for the Ohio State/Minnesota game this past weekend. Here’s me in The Drinking Jacket while tailgating prior to the Ohio State game.

Drinking Jacket Tailgating Ohio State game

(Disclaimer: We received a sample of The Drinking Jacket free of charge. The fact this sample was provided to us for free in no way influenced our opinion of the product nor did it impact our ability to test and review the product fairly and objectively.)

First and foremost, I LOVED The Drinking Jacket. Zane Lamprey was not lying when he said “it will quickly become your favorite hoodie”. (I think he said that. Maybe I am paraphrasing because I have already had a couple of beers…) The features on The Drinking Jacket are well thought out and the materials used are top notch and super high quality.

[pullquote]A tailgater’s dream come true; The Drinking Jacket keeps you warm while keeping your beer cold.[/pullquote]

The main function of The Drinking Jacket is to keep you warm. As you can see in the photo above, some of the people around me are wearing heavier coats than me with The Drinking Jacket and I was terribly comfortable. I had a long sleeve t-shirt and a red t-shirt underneath for the layering effect under The Drinking Jacket and I was quite warm. Now that I was warm, all the other features were such a bonus.

In the photo you can see I was utilizing two of The Drinking Jacket’s features visible to the naked eye. I had used the sleeve cuff on my right hand to hold my red cup while keeping my hand warm. I also used the sunglasses holder on my right side to hold my eye glasses. (Give me a break. It was a night game and I wanted to be able to see the field of play without squinting.) A feature you can’t see was the fact that I was using the extra pockets inside, behind the outside pockets, to smuggle in my Lotion Flasks. As you can see by the photo below, these sneaky little flasks were not discovered by the stadium security and I was able to make my coffee just a little more “Irish” if you know what I mean.

Lotion Flask inside Ohio State football stadium

After thoroughly testing (and by testing I mean drinking in…) the The Drinking Jacket, it is definitely “Tailgate Approved“. Many products we discover and review you can tell if the product was or wasn’t designed by an expert. I am confident we can all agree that Zane Lamprey is an expert in the field of consuming beverages. His fingerprints are all over this product. (His fingerprints aren’t literally all over this product. That would be gross. His ideas, knowledge and drinking expertise are all over this product.)

The design and the quality that went into The Drinking Jacket is superb and is by far, in the top 5 of the best products we have reviewed for tailgating. We have published nearly 700 reviews of tailgating gear and tailgating games since starting this tailgating blog in 2007 so we have seen the good and the bad over the years. The Drinking Jacket ranks easily in the Top 5, possibly Top 3, of products I would suggest you run, not walk, but run to get for yourself or for the tailgater who has everything. The Drinking Jacket is the best tailgating product we’ve seen in years.

With that said, you need to get one of these. The Drinking Jacket comes in multiple colors and sizes. Available colors are Black, Blue, Burgundy and Grey. Sizes range from XS all the way to 5XL. (5XL? Yeah, he’s got you covered big guys.)

To get one for yourself or someone on your gift list, visit: