Tailgating On Land or Water Doesn’t Bother The Terra Wind Motor Coach

amphibious_rv.jpgNo, your eyes are not deceiving you. That really is an RV in the water and it is not sinking. Introducing the Terra Wind. It’s the world’s first luxury amphibious Motor Coach/Yacht and if you have 850K lying around you can get the bare bones model. Don’t like your Amphibious RVs stock? No sweat. Pony up $1.2 million and you can get it fully loaded to the gills. Much to the delight of the Vol Navy and Washington Husky tailgaters, this RV/House Boat is designed for protected waters like rivers and lakes but is not sea worthy. Apologies to San Francisco Giants tailgaters. You can’t take the Terra Wind into McCovey Cove and try to catch a batting practice home run.

This ultimate tailgating RV comes with all the accoutrements you can imagine. (For over a million bucks it better have everything.) Some of the luxury items include a 6-foot swim deck, an 8-jet whirlpool, marble floors, wood paneling, leather furnishings and a fully equipped home theater system featuring a 42-inch plasma TV. Going from land to water must be a big pain in the ass, right? Not according to the Terra Wind FAQ section of their website. They claim, “You drive the Terra Wind into the water, place the road transmission into neutral and the marine transmission into gear and away you go.” Make sure to check out their full gallery for more photos of the Terra Wind on the inside and both on land and in the water.

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