Tailgating Popularity Continues To Grow

si_logo_press-1.gif A friend of mine is a member of Sports Illustrated Box Seat and he forwarded me this email. Sports Illustrated Box Seat is basically SI’s marketing and research arm that bribes encourages people to take online surveys. Participants can earn points and win prizes by taking the surveys. Apparently a few months ago SI Box Seat circulated a survey regarding tailgating seeking feedback on the frequency and the popularity of the activity. In a recent email to those SI Box Seat members they revealed the results and the findings shouldn’t surprise you. Tailgating is continuing to gain in popularity by leaps and bounds. Here is an excerpt from the email sent to SI Box Seat participants.


Recently, we asked for your participation in two surveys: one involving your interest in the upcoming 2008 Summer Olympics, and another asking about your Tailgating habits. Now that the results are in, we would like to take the time to share some of the findings from the surveys with you. We hope you find them interesting!

2008 Tailgating Survey Results:

If you haven’t tailgated lately, you may want to consider packing up the grill and heading to a stadium parking lot…

  • SI Box Seat Panel Members tailgated an average of 5 times during the last 12 months.
  • 9 in 10 agreed that they look forward to tailgating with friends and family.
  • More than half agreed that attending a sporting event wouldn’t be the same if they could not tailgate.

We hope you enjoyed these results! As always, we appreciate your participation and hope you will continue to provide your valued opinions.

SI Box Seat Panel Management

Because these surveys are undoubtedly shared with executives from corporate America, we should expect to see more and more products geared towards the tailgater. Corporate America would be naive to think that tailgating is not a profitable business venture and these findings validate what we have been saying all along. Respect the tailgater because there are a lot more of us than you may think. Okay, I’ll put away my soap box until next time.

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