Celebrate RSS Awareness Day May 1st

RSS Awareness DayDon’t panic because this posting is not about tailgating. We’ll get back our regular scheduled blog updates regarding tailgating in a few moments. But first I want to ask you if you are still getting your information from the web the old fashioned way? I mean, are you still bookmarking news sites and blogs and checking them on a regular basis? If you are still doing that you will thank me for writing this post.

DailyBlogTips.com recently started the initiative to raise awareness of RSS and they chose May 1st as RSS Awareness Day. They even created a website dedicated to RSS Awareness Day called rssday.org. The purpose is to get lots of people to discover how simple and convenient it is to gather information from the web via RSS.

I used to get my news and information from the web by bookmarking my favorite sites and checking them periodically. Not anymore. Not since I discovered RSS months ago. And because I feel it is such a valuable tool that is why I am deviating from writing about tailgating and singing the praises of RSS.

If you are unfamiliar with RSS or don’t know anything about it, check out this quick video that explains how to use RSS in plain, simple English.


Now that you are convinced that RSS is the way to go, why not try it out by subscribing to TailgatingIdeas.com? Want some more feeds to subscribe to? Check out just a few of the websites and blogs I have in my own RSS reader.

That’s just a snapshot of a few of the RSS feeds I subscribe to. Feel free to subscribe to any or all of those feeds to get started or just check out some cool sites you may not have heard of. I swear to you, once you start using RSS you will wonder how you ever got around the web without it. Also, post a comment and leave a link to the websites and blogs you have in your RSS reader that I may be interested in adding to mine.

Celebrate RSS Day by joining the millions of others who have discovered it is the new way to surf the web. Happy RSS Awareness Day!

RSS Awareness Day