Preakness Infield Bans Outside Beverages

Okay, that does it. Scratch one of my items off my Bucket List for Tailgaters. Apparently there will be none of this going at the Preakness this year.

I found out earlier today that organizers of the Preakness Stakes at Pimlico have mandated that infield spectators will no longer be able to bring their own beer and other beverages into the race track. So instead of being able to bring in your own cooler, Preakness infield attendees will be treated to a concert by ZZ Top and a professional women’s beach volleyball tournament. You think ZZ Top and women’s volleyball will not drive people to drink?

Of course when Preakness infield ticket sales are in the toilet this year, I am sure those who made this asinine policy change will try to blame it on the poor economy.