Welcome Our Newest Sponsor: NationalTailgate.com

NationalTailgate.com BannerFootball season is right around the corner and if you haven’t already geared up, you better get on the stick. Good thing you can shop online and get tailgating gear delivered fast from our newest sponsor NationalTailgate.com.

These guys have you covered from all the necessities to stuff that you might not have seen before. In their Set-up Essentials you will find tailgating chairs, tents and canopies, folding tables, flags & flag poles, portable heaters and even inflatable mascots and logos.

In the Food & Drink Preparation Essentials section you’ll find Barbecues and Grills, Grilling Accessories, Stoves and Ovens, Coolers, Picnic Baskets and Packs, Portable Appliances and Serving Accessories.

In the Entertainment section you’ll find games like beer pong tables, card tables, blongo ball, washers and other tailgating game staples. They also sell generators and power supplies that will go great with the satellite equipment and outdoor televisions they also offer.

So if you are looking around your garage and see that you could use an upgrade with your tailgating gear, check out NationalTailgate.com. If you want it, more than likely they carry it.

Welcome aboard guys and thanks for helping prevent me from going and getting a real job!