I still remember the crick in my arm. Driving down to the Wells Fargo Center to tailgate before a concert, my friend and I were trying to secure a large plywood board on the roof by sticking our hands out the windows and holding it down. We weren’t all that confident with our tie-job, and as we picked up speed, the wind was threatening to blow the plywood right down the middle of Broad Street. It was a stressful drive, and we kept hoping for red lights so we could relax our arms. Eventually we made it to the parking lot, lugged a bunch of cinder blocks out of the trunk, and placed our table on top. By the time we had the cups set up, I was sweaty and ready to just relax. Beer Pong shouldn’t be this hard.

I kept having flashbacks to that day the first time I broke out MegaPongo, the portable beer pong set. With a last minute ticket offer to the Phillies game, I headed straight to the stadium without the normal planning that goes into a tailgate. But with MegaPongo, that didn’t matter. The entire kit fits in your trunk as easily as a set of washers or bocce balls, so I had the set all ready to go. I ended up parking a few lots away from my friends, but the design is so light, there was no issue carrying it around with me. The portability of MegaPongo makes it worth the money alone, but there are some really great features in addition to its convenient packaging. (Click images for larger view)

MegaPongo_game_partsgame set up

As I made my way through the parking lot full of cornhole and ladder golf set-ups, I was enjoying the quizzical looks I was getting. What is that? I heard a few people ask. By the time my friends and I had set it up (which is an extremely easy process), we were getting a lot more than just curious glances. “That is the greatest thing I have ever seen,” proclaimed one enthusiastic Phillies fan. Many stopped for an admiring glance or to ask me where I got this sweet game from. And a few took pictures of the game, along with a few shots of us in action (I hope my form was okay!).
MegaPongo makes bringing beer pong to the party extremely easy. No more tying down plywood or storing cinder blocks in your trunk. You can have a game going minutes after arriving at the beach or barbecue. But other than the convenience of transporting it, MegaPongo has some other great features that any beer pong fan will enjoy. The carrying case doubles as the “table,” and the holes for the cups make sure that the wind will not blow them away. If you have ever chased a red cup down a parking lot aisle or tried to wipe off all the grains of sand when it falls at the beach, you will appreciate this feature. Also, since there is no actual table, you don’t have to worry about the playing surface being covered in beer after a few rounds.


The funnel system is also pretty fantastic. Most shots that do not end up in a cup will bounce around, Plinko-style, until they fall down one of the holes, through a mesh net, and into a large cup just waiting for it. This is true even for shots a little off-the-mark, as the backboard is able to corral a lot of the wayward shots. At one point, my partner and I moved away from the game to catch the last of the remaining sunlight. We casually sipped our beers and watched our opponents shoot – and miss. Instead of chasing the balls around the parking lot, we simply walked back to the game and collected them from the cup underneath the board, actions that would be unheard of in any normal outdoor beer pong game.

When playing MegaPongo, you can tell its inventors are fans of beer pong. The playing surface is large enough to allow for multiple types of racks and re-racks, there is a place for your water cup, and the instructions come with tons of fantastic twists to traditional beer pong. I have to say, I was very impressed with MegaPongo and did not find many negatives. The backboard and funnel system do prevent a majority of the balls from bouncing away, but there are still going to be shots that get away from you. I found it to be much less than in a normal game. While the lack of a table does prevent bouncing, there are plenty of other ways to add variety and individuality to the game. Some unique games, like “Around the World” are possible, and it will be up to you to decide if bank shots are allowed. The price is a little on the high end for portable beer pong, but in my opinion it is definitely worth it. The playing surface is very stable, the game is extremely lightweight and easy to set up and break down, and you will feel very good about yourself knowing you have a game of beer pong ready to go at anytime. Just add beer!

MegaPongo costs $135.00 plus $15 shipping and to learn more or buy a game set for yourself, click: HERE.