Jordan Grill Perfect in a Pinch

Even the most well prepared and experienced tailgater can be forgetful sometimes. Nothing is worse than being ready to start grilling only to discover you brought the empty propane canister or someone forgot the lighter fluid. Although going Caveman style and eating your pounds of meat raw would be rather manly, it is highly unsanitary. This would be a great time to have a small, portable, compact grill available as a back-up.

The Jordan Grill is a small, grill-to-go in a box that contains charcoal in a small aluminum pan and a grate on top. All you need to do is find a match and you can save your tailgate. Of course the small size inhibits you from cooking large quantities at one time but it sure beats going hungry or having to mooch off your neighbor’s grill space. I plan on placing one of these in my tailgating utility box for times of emergency when I have underestimated the amount of propane I needed to take or something malfunctions. This way I can have the peace of mind I can still grill should something go wrong or was accidentally left at home.

Jordan Grills are also customizable and can include a team or club logo for larger orders. If you are a business owner and use tailgating as a promotional means, these little grills would be great to give away to potential customers and clients.

A single, generic Jordan Grill will run you $5.99 plus shipping and handling. Orders of 6-12 run $4.99 each plus shipping. More discounts are available with the larger quantities you buy. Minimum orders of Jordan Grills with a customized logo are 25 and the grill will cost $4.99 a piece.

At the very least you should pick up one or two Jordan Grills just to have a back-up grill in case of an emergency. Obviously this will not be your full-time solution for grilling but will be your “safety net” in case something goes wrong. Tailgating with a clear mind and no worries really helps you relax and enjoy the tailgating spirit. For about six bucks, isn’t it worth it to you to have that peace of mind with a Jordan Grill?

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