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Even though the calendar has turned to March, that doesn’t mean that winter is over. Because winter is not over, that means it is still getting dark earlier and you will need some lighting for those tailgates that last until the evening games start.

We recently had the opportunity to test out Fanatic Lights. Fanatic Lights are high-grade, custom, super bright, alternating (or single) colored, gumball shaped, LED bulb strands of lights. The color combinations are endless and as you can see in the photos, the color combination we chose to test while tailgating represented the blue and orange colors of Cal State Fullerton. We chose to display them on our pop-up tent on the opening night of the college baseball season. You can see it helped illuminate our tailgating space nicely after it got dark.

Fanatic lights are battery operated so you don’t have to worry about pulling out a generator or even getting a 12V converter and pulling power from your car battery to run these little lights. Because they are LED bulbs they do not consume a lot of energy and will be not burn out anytime soon. They were bright and added that something special to our tailgate that nobody else in the parking lot had. If the flags and banners weren’t enough, there was no doubt by anyone that parked in sight of us which team we were there to support.

Fanatic Lights color options
Fanatic Lights color options

In order to attach the Fanatic Lights string to our tent, all we needed were a few small binder clips. We wanted attach them to the canopy portion of the tent so that they would run along the bottom line of the tent. We could have used zip ties and run them along the metal frame of the tent but that would have illuminated the inside of the tent and we preferred to use them like Christmas decoration lights. The string measures about 24 feet total but about 20 feet total from the bulb on one end to the bulb on the other end. To decorate the four sides of a 10 x 10 pop-up tent, I would suggest buying two strands to ensure full coverage.

Fanatic lights aren’t just for tailgating. You could definitely use them to decorate your Christmas tree if you are that big of a fan of your team. Decorate dorm rooms or fraternity houses to your school colors. You could even use them to decorate in the holiday theme you are currently celebrating. St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and a string or two of green and white Fanatic Lights would make for a great addition to your St. Patty’s celebration.

For the price, the portability and the sheer outpouring of fan pride in the parking lot, Fanatic Lights are definitely “Tailgate Approved“.

Fanatic Lights come in a battery operated string and also in a 110 AC plug powered version. No matter if you choose plug or battery operated, a full string will cost you $29.95. To learn more about Fanatic Lights or to buy a string of your own, visit: