Dizzy Bat Review

Call it what you will. Dizzy Bat or the Lousiville Chugger, the act of chugging a beer out of a wiffle ball bat, spinning in cricles and then attempting to hit a crushed can thrown at you while out tailgating is gaining in popularity. We first discovered this game back in 2007 shortly after starting this tailgating blog and have posted numerous hilarious videos on the subject since. Now comes along a new tailgating product specifically designed for this activity and it is aptly named the Dizzy Bat.
Dizzy Bat Featured
When we were first approached by the folks at Dizzy Bat who told us they had a great product for playing Dizzy Bat or the Louisville Chugger, we were a bit skeptical. After all, don’t you just need a wiffle ball bat you can buy for $2 at Target and a 12-pack of beer? What’s there to improve upon to make it better for tailgating? But that is why we thoroughly test out all the products we encounter. And seeing how we were provided a sample of the Dizzy Bat, we were shown that their product did improve upon the old school wiffle ball bat you probably lifted from your nephew’s toy box.

(Disclaimer: We did receive samples of the Dizzy Bat for free. The fact these samples were provided to us free of charge in no way influenced our opinion of the product nor did it impact our ability to test and review the product fairly and objectively.)

Upon receiving the samples of the Dizzy Bat and removing them from the box, we noticed that these are specifically designed for use as a drinking game. The thickness of the plastic is noticeably stronger than that of your normal wiffle ball bat which tends to be rather thin. The rigidity and thickness let’s you know this bat is made to hit crushed beer cans and not a plastic baseball.

Dizzy Bat Details

The next aspect that makes this product unique is that the bottom of the bat is open and there is no need to make the hole larger in order to pour in the beer or to drink from it. There is also an air flow hole pre-drilled on the barrel of the bat, around the area where the sweet spot would be for a wooden bat. You will cover this hole with your finger the seal it off when filling the Dizzy Bat and release your finger when you chug the contents to ensure a smooth flow.

There is also an altered grip that ensures the bat will not slip out of your hands especially if your hands are wet or you have had a few cold ones already and your grip is not quite as firm as it would be if you were sober. And to top it all off, the Dizzy Bat comes in a variety of colors including black, blue, red, pink and clear.

We were sent samples of the blue and the clear versions of the Dizzy Bat. Of course we had to take them tailgating and the Dizzy Bats made an appearance prior to the Chargers vs Colts Monday Night Football game. Here’s a quick photo gallery of me testing the Dizzy Bat out.

Of course after demonstrating the Dizzy Bat, a few of our tailgating cohorts decided they wanted to give the Dizzy Bats a test drive for themselves. Thankfully these two attempts were captured on an iPhone video.

YouTube video

YouTube video

As you can see in the videos, the Dizzy Bats works flawlessly despite the techniques of those using them left a little to be desired. You can tell by the sturdy construction that these Dizzy Bats will hold up to the rigors of the tailgating parking lots for years. Another aspect we liked was the option of the clear bat so that you could see the level of beer that was in the bat.

After taking the Dizzy Bats out and testing them ourselves and even getting a little extra testing done by our tailgating friends, we are going to deem Dizzy Bats Tailgating Ideas “Tailgate Approved”.

You can buy the Dizzy Bat directly from their website, www.thedizzybat.com for $7.99 plus free shipping. If you like the familiarity of using Amazon.com, they are available there too for $9.95.