Tailgating Gear Review: The Turkey Cannon

Camp Chef Turkey CannonAs tailgaters, we all love the taste of Beer Can Chicken. The only problem is getting the bird to cooperate and not fall or tip over during the cooking process. Also, once the bird is done, getting the can out can be a hassle and quite messy. But the allure of a moist, roasted chicken that has beer taste infused throughout is just too strong to pass up. I recently discovered an easier and more convenient way to cook beer can chicken using the Turkey Cannon made by Camp Chef.

Camp Chef Turkey Cannon

As you can see, the Turkey Cannon is made of stainless steel and you place the bird over the extended tube instead of placing the bird over a can of beer. Season the chicken as you normally would but before placing it on the Turkey Cannon, pour a can of beer into the cylinder. The Turkey Cannon has vent holes all along the length so that when your beer steams, the flavorful vapor will go right into the body of the chicken. This technique will keep your bird moist while slow roasting on the grill.

My wife picked one up for me for Father’s Day and I am happy to say it worked like a charm. We seasoned the bird with a flavorful BBQ dry rub and placed it on the Bubba Keg Grill for a few hours. The results were fantastic and the chicken was moist and stayed moist even when we pulled out the leftovers. We plan on smoking a turkey using the Turkey Cannon next time with hopes it will keep the bird moist as well.

You can get your own Turkey Cannon online for about 20 bucks from Buy.com or SHOP.com.