WonderBag review

We all want to keep our hot foods hot while tailgating. But what if you could continue the cooking process in the trunk or cargo area of your tailgating vehicle on the way to the game? That would truly be revolutionary.

We discovered the WonderBag, an eco-friendly slow cooker that uses heat-retention to cook your food.

The principle of retained-heat cooking is simple. In conventional cooking, any heat applied to the pot after it reaches boiling point is merely replacing heat lost from exposure to the open air. In wonderbag cooking, food is brought to a boil, simmered for a few minutes, then placed into the WonderBag to continue cooking.

The insulated cooking technique prevents heat escaping from the dish, removing the need for additional energy to complete the cooking process. Cooking in a WonderBag slow cooker can save between 30-80% of the energy normally required for cooking. Completely powerless, the WonderBag cooks evenly and consistently every time without supervision.

We demonstrate in our own video how to use the WonderBag.

YouTube video

The WonderBag is highly portable so you can take it tailgating but also camping, fishing or anywhere a heat resource is scarce. It will even double up as a cool bag for your drinks and chilled food too. There’s no battery, plug or fuel required.

After testing out the WonderBag, we immediately thought this would be perfect for tailgating favorites like chili, queso dips, stew, jambalaya or anything you would cook in a pot. The WonderBag is Tailgating Ideas “Tailgate Approved” and would make a great addition to those tailgates where you want a piping hot bowl of chili your brought from home.

The WonderBag comes in multiple color options and is price around $55. You can buy one from Amazon or order directly from thewonderbagshop.com.