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Call it what you will. Stealth drinking. Covert consumption. Sneaky sipping. We all probably have wanted to be hitting the hooch while out in public but didn’t for fear of a ticket from Johnny Law.

Because of this desire, there are a multitude of stealth drinking devices that aid in smuggling in booze into a concert or sporting event that will avoid detection. (The Freedom Flask is one of those items that has gained popularity as being highly successful while being undetectable.)

But what if you want to have a beer out in public but want to disguise it as something socially acceptable… like drinking a can of soda? We were recently approached by a gentlemen who modifies soda cans to slip over a regular 12 oz. can thus concealing the can and giving the illusion one is drinking a soda.

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As you can see from the photo above, there are a sampling of three of these can covers. The Miller Lite on the far left shows how the Coca-Cola cover slips over the top. The Diet Coke cover shows the can halfway covered and the Sprite can shows the can covered completely. The Coke Zero on the far right is actually an unopened can of Coke Zero for comparison sake.

If you look closely, the Sprite can cover does show a little bit of the beer can coloring on the bottom but that will be covered by your hand and make that part undetectable. The same goes for the back of the can cover where it was split up the side in order to make it slip on easily. There is a very thin gap where the beer can could be visible. But for the most part, 90% of the can is shielded and gives the appearance to be a soda can from a safe distance. We would suggest choosing a cover that closely matches the color of the underneath can to greatly reduce the chances of detection. Also, by positioning the drinking end of the underneath can opposite where the slit is, you can then cover the slit with your fingers while holding the can and the cover together.

Can Covers SingleWith the sample we received we took a look at these can covers from the standpoint of would these be effective in disguising a beer can in a tailgating parking lot. The answer is yes because most authority figures will not come that close to inspect your can in your hand if it appears to be a non-alcoholic beverage. Of course if you are the only one using these can covers and everyone else is drinking beers out in the open, you can probably expect a cop to want to look in your can too.

Also, to fly under the radar, make sure you are not attracting too much attention to yourself. It doesn’t matter how well you cover up your beer cans, if you are doing chugging contests out in the open, cops are going to sense something is rotten in Denmark. But if you keep yourself under control and act responsibly, no one will ever know you aren’t drinking a Diet Coke.

Features I enjoyed about these can covers included how tightly they fit over the can and they did not slip off even if you put the can down. Also, the cuts on the top, bottom and sides are smooth and you do not need to worry the edges are sharp and could potentially cut you. They won’t. The corners are machine cut and the edges are sanded smooth.

The one detraction of these can covers is that they will not fit nor will they conceal Coors, Coors Light, Keystone and Keystone Light cans. Those brands are packaged in a thinner and taller can and the regular soda cans do not come in similar shaped cans. But other than that slight variation, these can covers are definitely “Tailgate Approved”.

If you are interested, you can buy these can covers, click HERE.

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