Beard Head

Beard Heads Tailgate

It seems like everyone these days has a beard. Short of spray painting your facial hair, there really isn’t a way to show your support for your team. That was then. Now there is Beard Head.

Beard Head was recently featured on Shark Tank.

As you can see in the video and in the photos, Beard Head is a knit cap with a yarn “beard” that attaches to the hat via velcro. The beard can adjust up or down for smaller faces (kids) or even longer faces (Sarah Jessica Parker).

We tried out the Beard Head Tailgate Series which comes in multiple color variations. I opted for the blue and orange of Cal State Fullerton while my son adjusted his up to support the Oklahoma Sooners.

The Beard Head definitely drew a few looks and smiles and quite a few thumbs up. Because we took ours tailgating and eventually into the game, there was no denying our school and team spirit.

In addition to showcasing your unwavering spirit, the Beard Head is functional too. The hat itself is quite warm and when using the beard, it also helps keep your face warm. The opening for your mouth is perfectly sized too. It enables you to guzzle a few beverages without taking it off. Eating with the beard on might be a challenge especially if you are going with ribs or even a cheese burger. Popping a few peanuts down your cake hole shouldn’t be a problem.

After testing out Beard Heads and taking them tailgating, they are definitely “Tailgate Approved”. The Tailgate Series of Beard Heads range in price from $24.99 to $29.99. Other styles are priced differently depending on the style.

To check out the color combination or to see other styles of Beard Heads, visit:

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