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BIC Flex Multi-Purpose Lighter

Posted by Dave On June - 17 - 2011

BIC Flex Multi-Purpose LighterNo matter if you use charcoal primarily or propane while tailgating, having a solid and dependable lighter on hand is essential. Although my grill that I use while tailgating has an electric ignitor, sometimes the battery will be too weak to produce a decent spark. Other times the battery may be completely dead and not spark at all. If this has also happened to you, it is at this point in the tailgating experience that you now have to send someone to visit your neighboring tailgate to see if they can loan you some sort of a lighter. And if they come back with a traditional cigarette lighter, that is a major pain to get your grill started with it.

We recently had the opportunity to test out and review the BIC Flex Multi-Purpose Lighter. It is made by BIC, a company world famous for their lighters, so you know they have the quality handled. The BIC Flex Multi-Purpose Lighter has a flexible wand that can easily reach inside your grill and get right next to your charcoal or propane burner. The flexible wand allows you to ignite something that may be difficult to reach and around a corner. So by using the BIC Flex Multi-Purpose Lighter you don’t have to get your hand too close to the flame and risk getting burned when lighting your grill. Seeing how the BIC Flex Multi-Purpose Lighter is priced at under $5, you can’t afford not to have one in your tailgating kit as a back up. Even if your electric ignitor is super dependable and you check the battery religiously, it may be a good idea to have one in your kit just in case someone parked next to you needs a lighter.

As a special reward for our readers, we are giving away three of these lighters to three different people. There are three chances to win one of these BIC Flex Multi-Purpose Lighters. You can enter all three ways to increase your chances but you can only win one lighter. We will be giving away one via our Facebook Fan Page, one on Twitter and one to a reader who leaves a comment below. Here is how it will work:

We will select one person randomly from all the sources of entry (Facebook, Twitter and blog comment). Winners selected randomly will be contacted and asked for their contact information and then your winning lighter will be sent directly from the folks at BIC. Here is how you can enter three different ways.

1) Facebook – Become a fan on the TailgatingIdeas Fan Page on Facebook and leave a comment on the wall post that promotes this contest. One (1) winner will be selected randomly and will be contacted via Facebook for their information.

2) Twitter – Follow us on Twitter and Tweet “I want to win a free #bicflexlighter from @TailgatingIdeas in time for Father’s Day http://t.co/iw4zE6F”. By using the hashtag #bicflexlighter we will be able to track if you tweeted it and how often. The more times you tweet it, the better your chances are of winning. (Try not to go too crazy and tweet it 20 times a day because you’ll then just be annoying your followers, so please use your good judgement.)

3) Comment – Leave a comment below mentioning you want to be entered into the drawing. Make sure to use the little captcha feature to make sure you aren’t a spammer and your comment is from an actual human being.

That’s it. You can enter all three ways but if you win a lighter one way and then your name is randomly selected in another way, we will redraw another name so as to be fair and three different people all get a free lighter.

The deadline to have your comments, tweets and Facebook comments logged is 11:59 PM pacific time, June 19, 2011. So start tweeting, Facebooking and commenting and good luck! All winners must live in the United States.

To learn more about the BIC Flex Multi-Purpose Lighter or any of the other BIC products, visit: www.bicworldusa.com.

FAQ Page Now Open

Posted by Dave On June - 9 - 2011

Confused Blonde Girl

It was back in 2007 that we started this tailgating blog and over the years we have received a ton of email. They say there are no dumb questions and that is true but there are a lot of frequently asked questions. Because we are in the age of the Internet and people want things fast, including answer to their questions, we decided to compile a list of questions and answers that are most recently asked of us. We call it the FAQ Page. (Yeah, we know. Not very original.)

There you will find answers to questions like:

  • Do you accept guest blog posts?
  • I’ve got the latest, greatest, super, fantastic, totally awesome tailgating gadget that you guys just have to know about. Can we send you a sample and you write a product review about it?
  • Because we send you a sample of our product does that mean you will give it a thumbs up and say it is as awesome and we think it is?
  • Have you ever considered charging a subscription fee and charging people to read it?
  • I think I am a good writer and I am knowledgeable about tailgating. How can I come on board and be a regular contributor to TailgatingIdeas.com?

There are other questions and answers in there as well. Give it a read and feel free to suggest other questions that you would like to know about TailgatingIdeas.com, the writing staff we have compiled or anything else you would like to know.

Tailgate Beer ‘Can Cancer’ Tailgate Photos

Posted by Dave On May - 10 - 2011

This past Sunday was not only Mother’s Day but was also the inaugural “Can Cancer” Tailgate Party hosted by the folks at Tailgate Beer. We were proud to be a part of this event because not only did it give us a great excuse to get out and tailgate but also to raise money for a great organization, The City of Hope. Here are a few of the photos we snapped while tailgating outside of Petco Park.

In those photos you can see the custom tailgating grill we did in San Diego Padres theme that was part of the raffle. Those buying raffle tickets could choose which prize they wanted to place their tickets in. Ticket purchasers could choose from free hotel stays, a four pack of Padres game tickets, a signed baseball from Chase Headley and, of course, the Padres Tailgating Grill. We are happy to report that the box for the grill received the largest amount of tickets and had almost double the amount of tickets compared to the four pack of Padres game tickets. The eventual winner of the grill was ecstatic and we were able to put it right on their car when the event was over.

I would estimate the attendance for the event to be about 150 although that was just me estimating it without getting a real head count. All in all I would say that it was a pretty good turn out seeing how it was a Sunday morning and it was Mother’s Day. The weather was not all that great either which may have kept a few more last minute people from coming.

Special thanks goes out to Ryan Morita who did a lot of the planning and coordinating for the event. Also, thanks to the brothers of the San Diego State University Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity who helped out with the cooking and the set up of the event. Mark Prior, the founder of Bag Toss, was also there running a Bag Toss/Cornhole tournament. Jay “the tailgate Guy” DiEugenio brought down his tailgating bus called “the Mullett” and provided a lot of the cooking expertise for the brunch. Lastly, Wesley Keegan, the founder of Tailgate Beer was the mastermind of the event and it was his mother’s own battle with breast cancer that was the inspiration for the whole event.

All around it was a successful tailgate and a lot of money was raised to cure cancer. Can’t wait to do it again.

CustomInk.com T-Shirt Winner – Moses Izeta

Posted by Foster On September - 26 - 2010

Congratulations to Moses Izeta from Lubbock, Texas for winning the T-Shirt Design Contest.  His winning design captures the spirit of tailgating as well as the quick wit of his tailgating crew.

Tailgating tshirt contest winner frontTailgating tshirt contest winner back

Moses is a big-time BBQ guy and takes his 500 lb pit to local parks or Texas Tech football games to grill. His specialty is chicken and his core tailgating team consists of Moses, his dad, his friend Michael and his girlfriend of two years.  10 to 15 other friends come and go depending upon whether the event is UFC, football or any other excuse for them to get together.

When asked about his design, Moses said, “I got the idea from a sticker I had when I was a teenager that was intended for car stereos in regard to ‘Bass Subwooffers’…but I always thought it would be a better fit for BBQ.”
Thanks to the fine people at CustomInk.com, Moses and his tailgating crew will now receive 15 custom t-shirts.  Moses plans to unveil his new t-shirts at the next Texas Tech home game in “Raider Alley” http://www.texastech.com/marketing/raider-alley.html — a great place to tailgate.
To learn more about CustomInk.com click here.
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Winegard Carryout GM-1518: Tailgate Approved

Posted by Foster On September - 21 - 2010

You know that moment when you feel like you forgot something, but can’t quite put your finger on it?

That’s exactly what happened to me right after we set up our first two tailgates of this season.  I didn’t forget anything though.  I was missing the anxiety before and the stress of setting up our satellite TV feed.

The battle of triangulating the trio of coordinates for Tailgating TV is officially gone thanks to the ridiculously effective Winegard Carryout.  Without hesitation the product is Tailgate Approved.

In my last post on the Winegard Carryout GM-1518 (click here for details) I mentioned that the unit takes about five minutes to set up and activate in a non-tailgating environment.

After real world tailgating experiences this product answered some questions that separate it from the traditional satellite dish set-up.  Here’s a modified FAQ on the real world Winegard Carryout GM-1518 satellite set-up for Tailgating.

So all you have to do is place the satellite within 5 degrees of level and it works.  Really?

Our Texas A&M Tailgating area is on a slightly sloping hill just outside of Reed Arena across the way from Kyle Field.

Our natural set-up for the Winegard was clearly not on level ground and probably not within 5 degrees of level.  So I eyeballed the unit, grabbed two napkins, stuffed the napkins under two of the three sides until it looked level and continued on to the next step of connecting wires.  That’s all it took.

It’s called a Portable Satellite Antenna, but can you move it?

During our first tailgate, right after the TV was up and running I was doing the proverbial celebratory victory lap in my mind and my wife shyly asked if we could move the Winegard.

In years past I would have lost my patience and the signal—possibly each for the rest of the day.  This time though, I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Why not? Let’s find out.”

She moved the Winegard about a foot.  It–of course–lost its signal.  The satellite antennae began to crank, whiz and whir its way back into place.  In less than a minute the Notre Dame vs. Purdue game was back on the air.  Really, pretty amazing.

Does the product need to be elevated to avoid signal interference from foot traffic?

From a common sense perspective I wasn’t willing to leave the unit on the ground to test the theory from the ground floor; however, we did elevate the unit 3 to 4 feet off the ground in that we placed the Winegard on a table next to the television.  Then we tested the reception at the higher level as we had several of our tailgaters walk right past the unit at a casual gait.Winegard Carryout Tailgate Texas A&M Tailgating

Our test and the rest of the foot traffic during the day didn’t interfere with the TV reception at all.

Come on . . . How long does it really, really take?

Total work time: 2 minutes.  Total time to enjoying college football games:  12-15 minutes.

It takes longer for the satellite to download the programming information from Dish Network than it does for the satellite to lock.

The work of connecting the coaxial cables and the RCA cables takes about two minutes.  It takes another 5 for the satellite to lock and then another 5 to 8 minutes for the programming information from Dish Network to download—depending on how long it’s been since you’ve last uploaded the programming.  All told 12 -15 minutes.  Keep in mind though you’re not doing anything during the last 10.

The set-up is so much faster and simpler than the traditional satellite dish, it’s hard to fathom.  Like the year that Kurt Warner took the Rams to the Super Bowl as a back-up. It’s almost too good to be true.

Winegard CarryoutCan you change the color of the dome?

Say what you will, but I believe that the white dome needs to have a little more of the Spirit of Aggieland in it. So, we have plans to paint the Winegard maroon before our next tailgate.

I’ve been told by company representatives that I will void the warranty when and if I paint the dome.

It’s the same thing I heard from Apple about jailbreaking the iPhone.  However, the people that I know that have unlocked their iPhones actually enjoy their product more.  The same thing will hold true with the Carryout in my estimation.

The game plan is to spray paint the dome with maroon, non-lead based paint and report back.

Final Thought

So Cheryl, my wife and I are looking around.  The TV is working.  The Tailgate is set.  Everything’s done.  We’ve got time on our hands.  The weather is beautiful.  Friends are all around.  Stress level is down.

“Hey,” she said.  “Put this in your blog. Winegard gave me my husband back.”

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