• How To Go RV Tailgating

    When it comes to tailgating, many of us approach it with our own unique style. As long as you are there in the parking lot and enjoying good food, good company and good times it really doesn’t matter how elaborate of a set-up you bring along. But like most of you, you have probably seen… Read more »

  • I Like Tom Brady


    OK, I really don’t like Tom Brady.  But I am going to stick up for him anyway, not that an All-Pro QB with a Victoria Secret model wife needs my help. Throughout the week I have been reading articles about how stupid Brady was for saying: “Yeah. Start drinking early.  Get nice and rowdy. It’s… Read more »

  • Sort of Like Cheers, but Better


    What is the color of jealousy?  Whatever it is go ahead and color me that color because this NFL tailgater is REALLY jealous! The jealousy has a bit of anger mixed in as well, with the anger being directed at the NFL schedule makers.  The Eagles start this season with two road games.  Sure winning… Read more »