Win A ‘Fan Cave’ By Playing Rush for 2K Yards Challenge

Johnsonville rush for 2k logo Johnsonville Sausage has been a tremendous supporter of tailgating and the tailgate party lifestyle. So it is natural that they would come up with a giveaway and contest that tailgaters are most assuredly going to like. Johnsonville recently rolled out their “Rush for 2,000 Yards Challenge” fantasy football game. The grand prize winner will receive a $4,000 gift card to help put together the “Ultimate Fan Cave”. Think Man Cave that would make the sports book at Cesar’s Palace jealous. Weekly winners will receive an official NFL pro football jersey from their favorite team. Here is how the contest works.

First you need to register at Next you’ll select an NFL running back each week based on how many yard you think that runner will gain in that week’s game. The catch is you can not select the same running back twice in a season so be wise with your choices. The more yards your running back gains that week, the more points you earn. Select the best combination of running backs over the course of the year and you win the grand prize.

I’ve played in these similar types of contests and here is some unsolicited advice that I have learned over the years.

  1. Don’t “save” the stud running backs for games and match-ups that seem favorable later in the season. Sometimes running backs get hurt early in the season and the guy you may have been sitting on and waiting for later in the year may not even be playing and is out with a high ankle sprain.
  2. A little research goes a long way. Try to find those running backs who traditionally have big games against a particular opponent. A great example would be LaDanian Tomlinson back in his prime while playing for the San Diego Chargers. Stats prove out that LT typically loved playing the Oakland Raiders and would routinely gain over 100 yards when playing them. In 2007 LT went off against the Raiders for 198 yards rushing and in 2003 torched the Raiders for 243 yards on the ground.
  3. Make sure to choose runners that get a large percentage of carries because it is yardage that counts. Many fantasy players will think scoring touchdowns will help their point totals but in this game they do not. So selecting that goal line runner that punches it in from three yards out will not be helpful in this contest.

For the straight skinny on how to play Johnsonville’s Rush for 2,000 Challenge, visit their Official Rules page. To get started, just visit