Weekend Wrap-Up #137: Sealed H2O Liquor Bottles

NFL pre-season football is already upon us and we are nearly two weeks away from the start of college football season. So instead of providing you with some eye candy we thought an instructional video on how to cut down on paying the high prices inside the stadium might be better.

Most stadiums don’t serve hard liquor inside and only sell beer and wine at an exorbitantly high price. Also, many stadiums allow you to bring in one or two water bottles as long as the sealed cap is not compromised.

We came across this video that helps you replace the water in a water bottle with vodka or any other clear liquor that could pass as water while the cap remains unbroken. (If you don’t want to go through the trouble of doing this technique to bring in water bottles refilled with liquor you can always get a Freedom Flask and sneak it in that way.) Links follow the video.

YouTube video

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