Tailgating Has Gone Mobile

The world has gone mobile. Just 10 years ago most people that had a cell phone were either executives, sales people or entrepreneurs who needed to stay constantly connected. Nowadays kids have mobile phones to the point where schools have a strict zero tolerance policy regarding text messaging in class. And much like the rest

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iPod DJ Mixer

Have you ever been tailgating and someone wants to play the music that is on their iPod or iPhone? Now you can play amateur DJ with a portable music mixer from Urban Outfitters. Plop both iPods in the mixer and switch back and forth between the two. It lets you combine music from 2 iPods

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Beer Pong Stat Geeks Rejoice: Pong Tracker iPhone Application

If you have been paying attention you would have known we have told you about a number of applications and accessories for the Apple iPhone that are tailgating related. Some of the apps to date include the iBeer, Beer Pong Challenge, Last Call, iBreath, Pour 1 Out and Tailgate Games. Now comes an iPhone app

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