Mailbag: StrapAHandle Suggestion

tailgating_ideas_mailbag.jpgI received this email a few days ago from a guy named Brian.



I’m a diehard Baltimore Ravens and Maryland Terrapins fan. Last year towards the end of the Ravens season when no one was showing up me and my buddies used to go to the games and tailgate with the best of them. The lots were empty so we could do pretty much anything we wanted, as long as we weren’t a-holes about it. Soon it got to the point that it was taking forever to unload and setup all of our food, coolers, grills, etc. My buddy brought this tool called the StrapAHandle the last week of the season to the Steelers game, and after using it I was pissed he waited that long to bring it. Instead of taking a bunch of trips to and from our respective cars, I walked around with this thing and strapped all the food together with our beer and bag toss games. It cut down our setup time dramatically, allowing us more time to drink away our sorrows of the Ravens season. I recently saw it posted on a blog called Cool Tools and its on Amazon. I think it’s a pretty sweet little contraption that would help a lot of tailgaters like you and myself. There’s two different sizes and they’re both below 15 bucks, so they’re easily affordable. Just thought I’d bring it to your attention, keep blogging… GO Ravens (pray we find a QB)

-Brian D.

Sounds cool right? I did some research and have two StrapaHandles coming my way. I will try them out and see how they hold up. Of course I will share with you all what I find.