Maxim Magazine Thinks We Know Tailgating

Have you seen the September 2011 issue of Maxim Magazine yet? It is probably on newsstands everywhere by now and subscribers have had a copy for a few weeks now. If you have a copy nearby, flip open to Page 71. This is what you will see…

Maxim Magazine Page 71 September 2011

We checked in with the guys who run Tailgate Wiki and they told us the web traffic has definitely seen an uptick since the the Maxim issue came out.

(As a side note, if you haven’t been over there lately, you may want to take a trip over there. Lots of good info being added daily along with new teams. It’s definitely worth checking out especially if you plan on taking in any road games this football season.)

Back in July I was interviewed by Maria Fontoura, Senior Editor for Maxim Magazine talking about, what else? Tailgating. The phone conversation was about 30 minutes long and you can see she used about 30 seconds of it in the magazine. But despite much of the interview hitting the cutting room floor it is still nice to be mentioned in such a high profile publication widely distributed amongst what we believe is a highly qualified tailgating demographic.

This is the second mention in a major magazine publication in just as many months. Back in July, ESPN the Magazine Featured PolarHeat Quad Chairs and listed them available for purchase in our online store,

Okay, so enough with the tooting of our own horn and saying “Look, magazines think we are cool.” Make sure to come back and visit us everyday this week. We have some cool stuff coming up including our review of bacon flavored vodka (yes, you read that correctly), a product review and hopefully video demonstration of sunglasses that open beer bottles and even a reader submitted customized grill creation that you have to see to believe. Hint: This guy actually made the swing arm look like a tiger’s tail…