Brandon’s Burgers – Chicken Chorizo Burger

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What it is: A chicken burger with a nice surprise mixed in the middle.


1lb Ground Chicken
1/3lb Chorizo
1 egg
4 Slices Pepper Jack Cheese
Hot sauce
Hamburger Buns
Salt and Pepper to season

Sliced Onions

Be sure to bring something to wash and sanitize your hands.  Some disposable food handling gloves would be a good idea as well.  You want to have fun at your event. You do not want to end up in the hospital with food poisoning.

Pre-Game Prep:
In a large bowl mix chicken, chorizo, and egg.  Depending on your chorizo you may want to try and break that up before you add it.  From that mixture form 4 patties.  It’s pretty gooey stuff so for transport I would recommend a hard sided container to help them keep their shape.  Since we are dealing with raw chicken and pork be especially cautious to not cross contaminate with your other food. Put the meat and cheese in the cooler and you’re set.

At the Tailgate Party:

Start your grill and get it nice and hot.  It would also be a good idea to brush that grate off while you’re at it.  When the grill is ready, reduce the heat to medium and oil the grates to reduce sticking.    Just before you put the burgers on season them with the salt and pepper. Do this on the side that will go down first.  I also find it helpful to spread the meat out so it doesn’t ball up on you. Go ahead and season the other side before you close the lid. You’ll want to grill the patties until an internal temperature of 180.  The cooking time will vary based on the grill and temperature but I had good luck with 10 minutes per side.  The chorizo has a lot of fat so be sure to watch for flare ups. Keeping the lid closed will help with that. Also resist the urge to flip these a lot, once is enough. If you brought the onions toast those up around 5 mins from the end.  When your meat is done put your cheese on, and toss the buns on the grill.  If you brought butter you can use it, but I just did mine dry.

To serve I just squirt some hot sauce on top. Enjoy.