Big Johnson Pokers

It’s no secret we do not shy away political incorrectness here at So when I was approached by the guys from Big Johnson Pokers to test out their product, I was up for it.

Big Johnson Pokers’ motto is, “The World’s Most Politically Incorrect Hot Dog Skewers”. What makes them so politically incorrect? Well, the skewer is about three feet long in which you slide the skewer through and there is your choice of a male silhouette made of out of metal where your food will come to rest . I took the “showoff” Big Johnson Poker tailgating with me and snapped a few photos. The “showoff” version is basically a beach muscle man posing down but there are others including a presidential, military and fishing themed Big Johnson Poker.

As you can see, I chose to load up my Big Johnson Poker with three pretty big Louisiana Hot Links. You first place the silhouette on the skewer and then load it up with hot dogs, sausages, or anything else you want to skewer and grill. Obviously, anything phallic shaped is going to garner the biggest response but you could even use veggies or marshmallows to get your point across.

When I first broke out the Big Johnson Poker at the tailgate, it got the typical reaction you would expect. Once I loaded it up with the hot links and placed them on the grill and closed the lid, the novelty had worn off. When I would open the lid to turn them, I would get a smirk from someone if they happened to be looking over but that was about it.

I did find that beyond the initial “shock value” of getting people’s attention, the skewer I was using was very difficult to maneuver and use. The feet of the silhouette did not help it stand up nor did they somehow hook into the grill rods and keep him standing.  I just laid him down and would then turn the hot links when needed.

Because of this factor I will have to deem Big Johnson Pokers “NOT Tailgate Approved”. For the practicality of using it while tailgating it fell flat. I understand that the purpose of this product is to get people to laugh and notice you but after the novelty wears off, they are hard to handle and actually make it more difficult to cook.

Outside of being provided a free sample to test and review, we were not compensated in any way to do this review. As you can tell by deeming them “Not Tailgate Approved” receiving the free sample in no way influenced our ability to review the product objectively and fairly.

If you are interested in seeing more photos of Big Johnson Pokers in use or to see the other styles of metal silhouettes, please visit: