BecoBall: Newest Tailgating Game on the Block

BecoBallJPGFor those tailgaters that have grown tired of the same old, same old tailgating games, there is a new game on the market. It is called BecoBall and it combines the tossing motions of two popular tailgating games like cornhole and horseshoes with the scoring system of the old arcade favorite, skeeball.

BecoBall utilizes two lightweight frames, two pouches of your color choice, six balls and can be transported with ease inside a carrying bag. The compact size and light weight of BecoBall makes it ideal for tailgating because space is normally limited in your vehicle. The quick set-up and breakdown time also makes it a good fit for tailgating. (I have a BecoBall and it took me about three minutes total to assemble both frames and place them apart to begin a game.) Another advantage to BecoBall is that the bags you toss are lighter weight than standard cornhole or Tailgate Toss bean bags. This allows for your younger tailgaters that don’t have that adult arm strength the opportunity to play at regulation distance.

Check out the demo video that appears on the BecoBall website. (I added it to YouTube for easy embedding on


As you can see in the video, BecoBall utilizes a Hacky Sack type of ball for the throwing object. The official BecoBalls are professionally made crochet foot bags that are soft and yet extremely durable. The BecoBall throwing balls are filled with non-degradable plastic pellets. The soft BecoBalls are perfect for those occasional wild throws that completely miss the target after you have had one too many margaritas. Because the BecoBalls are round, the design gives the player the option of throwing underhand or overhand.

The official scoring system that BecoBall utilizes is one that allows the game to move along at a quick pace so that those playing do not get bored. Also, those waiting to play never have to wait long for their turn. There is no “skunk” rule in BecoBall due to the X-factor that the center ring brings to the game. The center ring is worth five (5) points. Since the center basket is worth nearly 25 percent of the total 21 points necessary to win, you are never really out of the race.

Beco_Blue_OrangeThe BecoBall playing surfaces come in 10 different colors which allow you to customize your game to fit your preference. Customized colors allow you to support your favorite professional, collegiate or high school team by choosing the 2 primary colors used in their logo. A complete BecoBall game set comes with two official frames, two high strength 600D polyester fabric pouches, two built-in abacus style score keeping devices located on the rear legs of the frames, six official size and weight BecoBalls and a full tournament-ready rules sheet and instruction manual. All of these components come packed in a very durable carrying case that includes an attached shoulder strap. The carrying case is made of the same rugged material that is used to make the game pouches and allows for organized storage and easy transportation of the game.