The Book of Beer Pong

  • MillerCoors Suing Beer Pong Table Maker

    File this under the heading “there is no such thing as bad PR”. Apparently the folks at MillerCoors have taken a page from the NFL and have joined the hypocrisy party. Stating that they do not promote “irresponsible drinking”, MillerCoors is suing Connecticut-based PB&J Design Inc. for producing a beer pong table with a design… Read more »

  • Book Review – The Book of Beer Pong

    Whether you believe that beer pong is good or bad for the overall image of tailgating, the fact remains it is rapidly gaining on cornhole as the game of choice in the tailgating lots. So if the game is so prevalent and widespread there has to be an “official rule book” to help settle disputes… Read more »

  • Videos: The Book of Beer Pong

    No matter where you tailgate, the rules for beer pong (or Beirut) can differ as widely as the types of barbeque you can get down south. So in order to clear up any potential arguments that may arise, The Book of Beer Pong: The Official Guide to the Sport of Champions written by Dan DiSorbo… Read more »