Miller Lite

  • MillerCoors Suing Beer Pong Table Maker

    File this under the heading “there is no such thing as bad PR”. Apparently the folks at MillerCoors have taken a page from the NFL and have joined the hypocrisy party. Stating that they do not promote “irresponsible drinking”, MillerCoors is suing Connecticut-based PB&J Design Inc. for producing a beer pong table with a design… Read more »

  • That Beer Will Cost You

    Image by defekto via Flickr You may think you only need a six pack this weekend.  But your wallet will thank you later for super-sizing that order to a case or two. Talk about kicking us when we are down.  Jobs are scarce.  Investments and real estate are down.  And of course gasoline prices are going… Read more »