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  • Dizzy Bat Review

    Call it what you will. Dizzy Bat or the Lousiville Chugger, the act of chugging a beer out of a wiffle ball bat, spinning in cricles and then attempting to hit a crushed can thrown at you while out tailgating is gaining in popularity. We first discovered this game back in 2007 shortly after starting… Read more »

  • Video: Lousiville Chugger FAIL

    Someone once said, “No man is completely useless; he can always be used as a bad example.” This guy embodies that quote. Watch the video and although this guy’s technique is horrible from not finishing his beer, his inept spinning routine and failing to get a swing on the can, he does get bonus points… Read more »

  • Video: Louisville Chugger Gone Wrong

    Some call it “dizzy bat” however we still prefer the term “Louisville Chugger“. It just sounds more like tailgating and less like a nine year old’s birthday party game. Anyway, this has got to be the greatest example of a Tailgating Fail we have seen in a while. But to every ying there is a… Read more »

  • Video: Louisville Chugger FAIL

    You knew this was going to turn out badly from the get-go. The guy is doing the Louisville Chugger all wrong. He apparently failed to read our post on How To Properly Do The Louisville Chugger before attempting this. Seriously guy, come here first before trying to pull off any highly specialized tailgating maneuvers.