disposable flasks

  • Freedom Flask

    When it comes to tailgating, many people like to bring the party in the parking lot into the stadium with them. But continuing the party inside while paying the high prices of concessions stands, especially beer and alcohol, can break the bank. That’s one of the main reasons why tailgating has gained in popularity in… Read more »

  • Mailbag: Disposable Flasks Arrived The Other Day

    Last year around this time the folks at DisposableFlasks.com sent me a care package. It consisted of eight different styles of disposable flasks for me to test out and to use while tailgating. (I actually used a few last week while tailgating before the Chargers/Seahawks pre-season game.) Just the other day I went to the… Read more »

  • Video: Demo of Disposable Flask At The Game

    In past posts I have been telling you how easy, convenient and above all, cost effective it is to sneak in your own booze using disposable flasks from DisposableFlasks.com. Well, here is quick video proof that just because the tailgate has ended and the game has started doesn’t mean the partying has to end.

  • Mailbag: Florida Flasks

    I received this email on Saturday. Keep in mind that when you email me, your correspondence could very well end up getting published. I cut and paste verbatim without cleaning up the punctuation or spelling. Hey dave i go to school @ University of Florida, GO GATORS! a frat brother of ours came across www.floridaflasks.com,… Read more »