Boat Blender

  • Weekend Wrap-Up #94 : Drill Blender Edition

    This has got to be one of the worst “commercials” for a great tailgating product. It’s like watching a train wreck but you can’t look away. I have a Boat Blender myself and will admit that before I got my ETQ 1800i portable generator I used it to make blender drinks in the parking lot… Read more »

  • Tailgating Video: Buffalo Burger Recipe

    I came across this video of a guy, let’s call him Adam, that has a unique recipe for tailgating buffalo burgers. It’s primarily a video detailing the recipe so take some notes if you want to try it next time you tailgate. He also showcases some of his tailgating toys in the video including a… Read more »

  • Power Drill Your Margaritas

    Get Your Own Boat Blender HERE Since the inception of tailgating, beer seems to be the adult beverage of choice in the parking lots around the nation. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s convenient and easy to transport and comes in it’s own container. (Not to mention it tastes pretty damn good too.) What about the… Read more »