binge drinking

  • Power Hour Album by Ali Spagnola

    Today is Friday. (Not that I needed to tell you that because you probably already figured that out on your own.) The reason why I mention what day of the week it is is because across this great nation of ours on numerous college campuses, college students will probably be playing the drinking game “Power… Read more »

  • I Like Tom Brady”

    OK, I really don’t like Tom Brady.  But I am going to stick up for him anyway, not that an All-Pro QB with a Victoria Secret model wife needs my help. Throughout the week I have been reading articles about how stupid Brady was for saying: “Yeah. Start drinking early.  Get nice and rowdy. It’s… Read more »

  • Commentary: Tailgating Leads Sports Fans To Drunkenness

    Earlier this week we included a link in the Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #102: Carrie Prejean Edition that appeared in NPR regarding a study done on sports fan intoxication. In a nutshell, the study concluded that eight percent of adult fans were legally drunk after attending pro baseball and football games. The study went on… Read more »

  • MillerCoors Suing Beer Pong Table Maker

    File this under the heading “there is no such thing as bad PR”. Apparently the folks at MillerCoors have taken a page from the NFL and have joined the hypocrisy party. Stating that they do not promote “irresponsible drinking”, MillerCoors is suing Connecticut-based PB&J Design Inc. for producing a beer pong table with a design… Read more »

  • Does The NFL Think You’re Stupid?

    It’s a simple and honest question. Does the NFL think you are stupid? Apparently the answer is yes or they would have pulled the plug on their endorsement of selling officially licensed beer pong tables back in July. Instead, they will just continue to pretend they aren’t the biggest hypocrites on earth. Instead they will… Read more »