Barack Obama

  • Presidential Debate Drinking Game

    The first presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is tonight. Seeing how the Secret Service has security on tailgating in the parking lot tighter than the NFL has at the Super Bowl, you may want to follow these rules for a debate drinking game. It is truly “fair and balanced”.

  • Paul Ryan tailgates

    With the Presidential campaign in full swing, I typically have tried to remain neutral on expressing my political leanings or trying to pick off a few undecided voters to vote a particular way. Trying to remain politically neutral is extremely difficult seeing how I earned a bachelors degree in Political Science from the University of… Read more »

  • Fantasy & Pick ‘Em Results: NFL Week #9

    Mmmmm, Cheerleaders! Just like Barack Obama did tonight, had a good weekend. Both he and I finished with dominating wins. (For the record I did not vote for neither Obama nor did I vote for McCain, but I did vote.) Okay, so winning the Cuzoogle Pigskin Pick ’em pool for Week #9 is just… Read more »

  • The Presidential Candidate Tailgate Mix

    You wouldn’t choose your next President based on what music he listens to, would you? Of course not. But what if you could take the next President’s Top 10 favorite songs and come up with a brand new tailgate music mix? That might be something looking into. Blender Magazine recently checked in with both John… Read more »