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Tailgating Hacks: Can Koozie as a Pot Holder

Posted by Dave On March - 8 - 2015Comments Off on Tailgating Hacks: Can Koozie as a Pot Holder

No matter how much of a tailgating pro you think you are, sometimes you forget to pack something. We’ve all had to borrow something from our tailgating neighbor once or twice in our tailgating careers.

While tailgating a college baseball exhibition game, we had a pot of sauerkraut boiling on the grill with the lid closed. The handle was way too hot to pick up with our hands and unfortunately we failed to pack a pot holder. Rather than turning off the grill and risking the contents of the pot cooling off along with the handle, we had to improvise using something I am sure everyone has at least of a few of these items floating around in their tailgating kits.

(If you are wondering where I got those outrageous bib overalls, visit: gamebibs.com)

Pelican Elite Coolers

Posted by Dave On March - 4 - 2015Comments Off on Pelican Elite Coolers

Pelican Cooler Featured
Although most of the country is gripped tightly in the dead of winter, it is time to start thinking about your cooler situation. It’s hard to fathom wanting to keep something cold when the weather outside looks like the frozen planet Hoth from Empire Strikes Back but stick with me on this.

The weather will start to warm up and having a good cooler for the upcoming Major League Baseball season and summer concert season will be crucial. An added bonus of living in Southern California, the weather is typically warm year round so testing and reviewing coolers is something we can do all year. Enter the Pelican Elite line of coolers.

We had the opportunity to test and review the Pelican 20QT Elite cooler. It is the smallest of their Elite line of coolers but not every tailgate requires a huge cooler on wheels. (Pelican also makes coolers all the way up to 250QT.) Take a peek into the features and benefits of the Pelican 20QT that we were sent a sample to test and review.

(Disclaimer: We received a sample of the Pelican 20QT Elite Cooler. The fact this sample was provided to us free of charge in no way influenced our opinion of the product nor did it impact our ability to test and review the product fairly and objectively.)

As you can see in the video, the features and benefits list of the Pelican 20QT Elite Cooler is quite impressive. Their attention to detail is unmatched. From the moment we removed it from the box we could tell this was going to be a quality cooler with outstanding ice retention.

The thickness of the walls and lid of the Pelican cooler were thick and well insulated. Without putting any ice and beverages in it, we knew this was going to be a great cooler. Then we took it out for a test run in a real tailgating environment.

Pelican_Cooler_SunshineOn some weekends we take products from our online tailgating gear store, Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com and our newly opened store Spring Break 24-7, to the Orange County Marketplace. It’s an outdoor marketplace where vendors can sell new goods and merchandise you can’t typically find online or at the mall. Being an open air marketplace, it is not climate controlled and having a good cooler to keep your food and beverages cold is a must. We found this to be the perfect location to test the Pelican 20QT Elite in a real tailgating environment.

We loaded the Pelican with a few canned beverages, our lunch for the day and packed it with ice from our freezer. That was at about 4:30 am so we can make it to the registration booth by 5 am. As you can see in the photo, we placed the Pelican cooler in direct sunlight for the entire day. The day we tested it, the temperature was about 78 degrees and peaked at 82 that day. (People in the Midwest and on the East Coast please save your hate mail.) As the sun moved, we moved the cooler to ensure it was in direct sunlight all day. All the while throughout the course of the day we opened and closed the Pelican Cooler removing a cold beverage just like you normally would while out tailgating. By the time the OC Marketplaced closed at 4 pm, the ice retention inside the Pelican was something to behold.

After spending the entire day in direct sunlight, there was very little ice melted. What little ice melted was probably due to the lid being opened and closed and the warm air convection produced the ice melt. Had the cooler been sitting in direct sunlight and not been opened once, I am confident the ice would have barely melted if at all.

Because we like to test tailgating products thoroughly, we brought it out tailgating with us prior to a college baseball game. This time it was not a “simulated” tailgating environment. It was a real tailgating environment complete with going in and grabbing multiple beverages over the course of the tailgate letting cold air escape and warm air into the cooler. Simulated or real, the Pelican 20QT Elite Cooler was a champ and retained ice exquisitely. Had we cut to size and utilized our KoolerCap, we anticipate the ice retention to be even better.

After thoroughly testing the Pelican 20QT Elite Cooler we are going to give it our Tailgating Ideas “Tailgate Approved” stamp. The same quality and attention to detail goes into the smaller coolers as it does with the larger Pelican coolers. If you are looking to replace your trusty old tailgating cooler with a new one, we would recommend the Pelican 80QT Elite Cooler. It has wheels for ease of transport to and from the car or if your tailgating space is not directly behind your vehicle.

If you are in the market for a new cooler or need to upgrade the one you already have, we highly recommend the Elite line of Pelican Coolers. They did not disappoint and we are confident you will be impressed as well.

To learn more about Pelican Coolers or to find a retailer, visit: Pelican.com

The Original Snake Bite: Forked Church Key & Bottle Opener

Posted by Dave On March - 4 - 2015Comments Off on The Original Snake Bite: Forked Church Key & Bottle Opener

Snake Bite bottle opener Featured

Shotgunning beers. It has a history with tailgating as far back as one can remember. But when you shotgun a beer the regular way, you risk injury or even worse, losing your beer to foam. We discovered the Original Snake Bite – a forked church key and bottle opener that now makes shotgunning beers easy and safe.

The science behind shotgunning a beer is simple. In order for the liquid to exit a vessel, air must replace the cavity where the liquid once was. If just the main opening is utilized, the pouring has to stop so that air can enter the can and re-establish equilibrium. This is what causes the “glug-glug-glug” sound when pouring something from a can if it isn’t vented. If you have venting, then air is let in which constantly keeps equilibrium in letting the liquid out smoothly. Now that you understand the science, let’s see the Snake Bite in action while out tailgating.

(Apologies for using a Coke Zero to demonstrate but the only beer we brought were craft beers and we weren’t about to shotgun 16 oz. of Wolf Among Weed IPA.)

You may not be into shotgunning beers in the parking lot and have a more sophisticated approach to your beer consumption. The Snake Bite is a great tool for you tailgaters too.

Not only is it a bottle opener for regular metal bottle caps but also vents craft brew cans. More and more craft breweries, with Tailgate Beer being the first, are starting to break the stereotype that if beer comes in a can, it must be crap. The vessel in which it is transported does not ruin the taste of craft beer whether it is in a glass bottle or aluminum can. When it comes to craft beers, you want to have the correct amount of head in the glass. Check out The Beer Advocate’s guide on How To Pour Beer. After you have checked that out, see the video of a side-by-side pour comparison using a Schlafly Hefeweizen into a glass.

Now which one would you want to drink? The one of the left or the one on the right? That’s a rhetorical question.

Snake Bite AnglesThe Snake Bite has a leather case that slips over it to ensure the tips of the “fangs” do not scrape and cut you when not in use. It includes a key ring so you can always have a bottle opener and can venting device on you at all times. The Snake bite comes with three choices of leather colors including black, brown and natural.

The Snake Bite will run you about $22 no matter what color leather sheath you prefer. Free shipping is included to United States customers.

After taking the Snake Bite tailgating and trying it at home and in the parking lot, we are going to give the Snake Bite the Tailgating Ideas “Tailgate Approved” stamp.

The affordability along with the functionality makes it ideal for you to add it to your tailgating kit or make it part of your everyday key chain. To learn more about the Snake Bite or to buy one of your own, visit: snakebiteco.com

Freedom Grill making a come back?

Posted by Dave On March - 2 - 2015Comments Off on Freedom Grill making a come back?

Freedom Grill FG-50 Tailgating Grill

If you are a regular or a casual reader of this tailgating blog, you probably have a grasp on how we have held the Freedom Grill in such high regard. What’s not to love about a bad ass grill you can put on the back of your car, take to the game, start grilling on a full-sized grill and then pack it away, lock it up and go inside the game without the grill leaking grease or dirt all over your truck or SUV?

Unfortunately because of a number of twists and turns in the economy among other exterior factors, the Freedom Grill is no longer in production. It went through some changes over the years and even went by a different name, the Margaritaville Tailgating Grill. The bottom line is you can no longer buy these tailgating grills and if you have one, consider yourself lucky. If you want the entire story in nauseating detail as to why the Freedom Grill and Margaritaville Grills are no longer in production, feel free to check out the Margaritaville Tailgating Grill Eulogy we published three years ago.

So why am I publishing a post about something that is extinct? Let’s just say I have been hearing things which opens up the door for a glimmer (emphasis on the term glimmer) of hope that Freedom Grill may be coming back.

Let’s be clear here – this is not any shred of an announcement that Freedom Grill is coming back and will start producing FG-50s any time soon. We are not saying that at all. What we are saying is the conversations are starting to pick up and the possibility of a Freedom Grill return is brighter than it has been in a number of years. And to be honest, the last three years the prospects for a return were pretty grim. So any conversation is better than none.

With that said, once we hear something that we can pass along, we will surely do that. But in the meantime, here are a few videos of the Freedom Grill to remind everyone how awesome it was.


World Series of Beer Pong 2015: Billy Gaines Interview

Posted by Dave On February - 17 - 2015Comments Off on World Series of Beer Pong 2015: Billy Gaines Interview

If you follow us on social media, especially Twitter and Instagram, you already knew that in the beginning of this year we visited Las Vegas and attended the World Series of Beer Pong.

We popped into the World Series of Beer Pong to see what all the hype was about. We checked out the scene and had a chance to get a few moments with Billy Gaines, the owner and founder of BPong and the World Series of Beer Pong. In this interview he discusses the explosive growth and popularity of beer pong, how the WSOBP has grown over the years and some of the greatest teams in the history of the tournament.





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