Play Beer Pong on Nintendo Wii

wii-beer-pong-1.pngYour beer pong game could use a little work. Okay, it pretty much sucks. What if there was a way to sharpen your beer pong skills without exposing your glaring weakness to everyone at the tailgate party? Your prayers have been answered and all you’ll need is a Nintendo Wii.

JV Games, Inc. is the developer of a new beer pong video game slated for the Nintendo Wii platform. Early rumors have it that you can play tournament style beer pong in three classic environments including the basement, the garage and the local bar. What? No tailgate party environment? Beer pong is a tailgating game staple and it is a travesty it is not an option in this game. How cool would it be to have to contend with cross winds or even possible smoke in your eyes from the neighboring grill? I guess the developers aren’t tailgaters or they definitely would have included tailgating in the game.

(A YouTube video of the game in action is after the jump.)

Check out the video of the prototype of the Wii beer pong game in action.


The developers of the game are saying that the throwing motion will be very realistic and there are no buttons to press to time your throw with. If only the developers would incorporate a tailgate party as a fourth environment to play the game in. It might not be too late. The game is not released yet so there might be a chance to convince JV Games to add it in. You can get in touch with them by visiting their about us page. (Their phone number and email address are listed at the bottom of that page.)

Wii beer pong probably won’t illicit the frenzied response that the scarcity of the Wii Fit has caused lately but I definitely will be one of those looking to buy the first edition expected out in June. Big thanks to the guys over at for this one. For more screenshots of the Wii Beer Pong video game check out this post.

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