Price Slashed On Premium BoomCoolers

You may recall we told you about The BoomCooler back in April. Basically it is a combination of a cooler with a mobile sound system built into it complete with a 10″ sub woofer, dual 6″x9″ speakers, a 600-Watt amp and a Kenwood KDC-MP442U AM/FM radio and CD Player. Although it is not intended for wet storage you can still bring the party and let the others bring the drinks.

For a limited time, the price on The BoomCooler has been drastically reduced, almost in half. The new price is $649.00 and that does include shipping to the continental United States. Keep in mind that this new pricing is not a permanent price drop. This is only a special Spring Sale Price.

We’re not sure what their definition of “Spring” is or how long this “limited time offer” is valid so if you want one, I would go ahead and pull the trigger and get one now. You don’t want to sit around debating the idea only to find out the price has gone back to normal. For you tech savvy types, visit the official product page for the Premium BoomCooler to get all the specs.