My Prayers Have Been Answered: Johnsonville Brat Burger

johnsonville_brat_burger.jpg Brats and hamburgers are as common a sight at tailgate parties as bored husbands at the mall. Burgers and brats are delicious in their own right but sometimes you have to choose one over the other. Now you don’t have to. Johnsonville, well known for their bratwursts, have now introduced the Johnsonville Brat Burger. You read that right. A delicious bratwurst in the shape of a hamburger patty. Why it took someone this long to come up with concept, I will never know.

Slap a slice of cheese on one of these bad boys and you can literally hear your arteries slamming shut. Sweet Mother of Pearl, I can not wait to get my hands on these just in time for football season. Thank you Johnsonville. On behalf of a grateful tailgating nation, we thank you.