Quest For 31

  • Tailgating & Fantasy Football

    I’ll admit it. I am a fantasy football player. Not that that statement makes me special because there are millions of us out there. So not only are many of us football fans chomping at the bit for the tailgating season to start, we are also ready to draft that perfect fantasy team. So why… Read more »

  • Hans Steiniger Completes His Quest For 31

    Do you remember Hans Steiniger? The guy that set out to visit all 31 NFL stadiums? Apparently that quest to visit every NFL stadium came to fruition in New Orleans a few weeks ago. Check out the video: Superfan Hans Steiniger at the Superdome in New Orleans

  • Exclusive Interview: Hans Steiniger Quest For 31

    Back in July of 2007 we told you about Hans Steiniger and his unusual journey that takes the idea of the professional football fanatic to a whole new level. He’s challenged himself to attend a game in each stadium in the National Football League. He’s doing it as a home team fan in an effort… Read more »